Once thought to be a luxury, attached garages have become an essential part of the home. In today’s society, most homes have an attached two to three car garage that is usually located at the front of the home or depending on the size of the lot, they could have a side-entry garage. In addition for parking your car, they are also used to store tools, bicycles and lawn equipment. The flooring is typically an unfinished concrete floor; however, in recent years, garage flooring companies have created products that can provide a coating system that will last many years. These include epoxies, stained concrete and modular garage tiles. The garage door is an insulated steel door and comes in a variety of colors. For a more sophisticated look, some homeowners choose to have a wood stained garage door. In addition to coating the garage floor, additional amenities to dress up the garage may include trimming out the garage with cedar baseboard, adding a hot/cold water spicket, and/or adding a utility sink.