Wet Bar

Many homeowners choose to install wet bars in their homes for entertainment purposes. Though they can be located anywhere in the house, most people choose to put them in the basement. A homeowner can choose to make their wet bar as simple or as extravagant as they want. A basic wet bar typically includes a row of cabinets with a wine rack, a small sink and space for a mini fridge. In addition, there is storage below the countertop for storing glassware and other barware. With a more exquisite wet bar the possibilities are endless from built-in cabinets with glass, to a wine cellar, to a beer tap. Larger wet bars typically include space for a full-size fridge and are equipped with a sink and a dishwasher. Some people choose to equip them with microwaves for cooking popcorn or heating up appetizers.

Wet bars do not need to fit into a traditional type of style, keep in mind that wet bars can feature an amazing range of finishes and designs targeted towards the unique tastes of the homeowner.