A Warm Invitation from Your New Home

Please, come in. Make yourself at home!

You’ve arrived at your starting point for a new, exciting, and better way of living. Yes, Hansman Custom Homes will build me to your exact specifications and be by our sides through every step of the process.

But, let’s slow down. Choosing to build me – even with The Hansman Advantage – will be one of the most rewarding but also one of the scariest decisions you’ll make.

So, why don’t we begin by doing what The Hansman Team will do for you at every turn – provide you with options:

You’re Going to Have Fun

The Hansman Team’s experience has taught them that the easiest way to make such a big purchase and decision more enjoyable is to break it down for you into much smaller steps. You’ll enjoy checking each one off the list – and before you know it – you’re curling your toes in the carpet, relaxing on your new deck, or watching your children open presents in a home that uniquely yours. Please, let us know how we can help you begin.

Hansman Custom Home Testimonials

“You always hear how much longer it takes to build a house but ours was fast! John made sure it was always on schedule… even our inspection!”

–Lisa Stockman, Hansman Custom Home Owner