How Hansman Can Build Your Perfect Kitchen


The kitchen is an important hub within your home. It is a place where families and friends gather and engage in conversation over the food prepared. A kitchen should feel like the heart of your home, as it has the potential to be a place where memories are made among family and friends. Hansman Custom Homes works closely with each of our clients to reach their design and functionality goals to build the perfect kitchen space.

Find the Perfect Kitchen Design For Your Home

Do you find yourself daydreaming about the kitchens in your favorite home magazines or HGTV show? Hansman Custom Homes can help turn your dream into a reality. At Hansman, we are custom home builders and it is our job to build you the perfect kitchen space you have always admired in magazines or on the TV. We understand there are a lot of styles sparking your interest, such as modern, traditional, rustic, etc. The first step in building your custom kitchen is creating a vision for us to follow as we build. Finding the kitchen design for style and aesthetic may seem like a challenging task. However, it will help in narrowing down your decision by taking notes of what kind of styles you like the most. Pay attention to what appeals to you most on home design shows or magazines. Are your more drawn to a classic farmhouse look? Do you like seeing exposed ceiling and piping? Unfinished wood? Familiarize yourself with the style components of each kitchen design you are interested in to get a well rounded understanding of the overall look you’d like to achieve in your space. If you are still struggling to find what is right for you, try taking this online quiz to better understand your tastes and preferences.

Developing the Most Functional Floor Plan For Your Kitchen

Hansman kitchen remodeling and building creates the perfect harmony between kitchen style and functionality. As important as it is to have a kitchen design reflecting your taste, it is equally important to have a kitchen adhering to your functionality needs. The necessities of a kitchen space are embodied in the floor plan of the kitchen. Here is a list of questions to ask yourself when deciding on the layout of your kitchen:

Top Five Questions To Ask Yourself When Planning Your Kitchen Floor Plan

How big do I need my kitchen to flow to comfortably host my family and friends?
What kind of storage space do I want to have or need?
Where do I want natural light to come from?
Do I want space for a kitchen island?
How do I want to space out my kitchen appliances?

Your floor plan should adequately reflect and accommodate the needs of your lifestyle. Hansman will work closely with you to ensure your floor plan will be the perfect blueprint to building your dream kitchen.

Finding the Right Appliances For Your Kitchen Remodel Project

The kitchen is often a place of fast motion and chaos. Hansman believes in finding you the best kitchen appliances to help you stay updated and moving swiftly throughout your day. Kitchen appliances are not universally user friendly to all homeowners. You have to find what appliance works best for your lifestyle and meets all of your needs. Hansman will help you find what brands and makes of appliances are user friendly to you, specifically. Hansman is here to guide you in finding what appliances you want to incorporate, the best place to put them, and what brand will effectively serve you and your family’s needs.

Why Hansman Is the Best Choice for Custom Homes and Kitchen Remodeling

Hansman is with you every step of the way. We encourage constant communication with our clients and work hard to give you an inviting feeling every time you step in your new kitchen. We are always here for you to offer our expert advice while ultimately leaving you in charge to give us direction. At Hansman, we put the customer first, work with the most trusted vendors, and turn your dream home into a reality.

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