Build a Custom Home in mid-Missouri with Hansman in 2019

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The new year welcomes countless opportunities for change in our lives. Whether it’s making all around healthier lifestyle choices or simply setting the bar higher for yourself, the new year invites a fresh start. Make the most out of your 2019 by choosing Hansman Custom Homes as your new home builders. Let us get your year started off right by building your dream home for you and your family to appreciate for many years to come.

Why Start the Custom Home Process Early in 2019?

Committing to building a custom home is a large responsibility regardless. It may never truly feel like “the right time” to go through with new home construction. Rather than find reasons not to, let’s discuss why early 2019 is the best time to begin planning your custom home. We’re not suggesting to break ground right on New Years as the ball drops in New York City. However, when building a custom home the sooner the better applies for a few reasons.

Interest Rates for Building A Custom Home in 2019

Home interest rates are currently set at 4.6% for a 30 year plan and are expected to increase from there. To avoid higher costs as a homeowner, start your project early to lock into a lower interest rate. Establishing equity in your home rather than paying rent on an apartment strengthens your finances.

The Average Hansman Custom Home Takes 3-7 Months to Build

Breaking ground earlier in the year will allow you and your family to get a head start on building your custom home. It is best to start at the beginning of the year to allow our team to create a timeline that coincides with our clients as well. This way, we ensure your project is ready to break ground sooner rather than later. Don’t let the “why not” stand in your way. 2019 is your year to build the perfect, dream home.

New Home Construction FAQ

What is the average cost of building a custom home?

  • Every project is different and depends on the needs of the client. An average amount of money spent on a new custom home is typically start at $300,000.

What is the average timeline for building a custom home?

  • The average time it takes to build a new home typically takes anywhere from 3-7 months depending on the size of the home. At Hansman Custom Homes, we stick to a predetermined deadline to ensure we finish on schedule and can get you moved into your new home as soon as possible.

How customizable are your new custom homes?

  • Our custom home process is very customizable. From hand picked flooring to paint colors, the choice is yours. We do our very best to accomodate all of your needs as a new homeowner.

How many custom floor plans does Hansman offer?

  • Hansman offers 7 unique options for floor plans. Each different layout is tailored to ensure the needs of you and your family are met. We are confident we have the perfect floor plan waiting for you!

Why choose Hansman to Build Your Custom Home?

  • Hansman offers complete customization to your home, allowing you to showcase your personal taste and style. Our trusted team of builders prioritizes the client’s needs above all else, ensuring your new home is exactly how you envisioned. Our process is continually improving, allowing us to keep up with modern trends and uphold best business practices. Most of all, we love what we do and therefore always put our best foot forward when building a custom home.  

Where in Columbia, Mo Do You Build Your Custom Homes?

Hansman Custom Homes builds in Bellwood Estates, Creeks Edge, Creek Ridge, Copperstone, Fox Lair, Old Hawthorne and Wyndam Ridge. All these neighborhoods offer great amenities. Whether you are wanting to be more centrally located near schools and retail, in a private subdivision, or even in a more remote setting with plenty of green space, we have the perfect place to build.

New Home Design Trends for 2019

The world of home design is ever changing but luckily we are all caught up on the newest trends. The following is a list of home design trends expected to emerge in the new year:

  • Exposed wood for interior design accents
  • Copper accents for walls and backsplash
  • Concrete countertops
  • Open shelving
  • Light wood floors

Let Hansman keep your home updated and modern with the changing trends by implementing some of these new design directions in your custom home.

Contact us today to begin planning your new custom home!

We look forward to welcoming you home in Columbia, Mo!



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